Instrumentation use and training

Training by our lab staff is required for use of our instrumentation. You may not receive training from a member of another lab that uses our equipment. If a new user of the facility has previous experience or training on the same or similar models, they will still have to have a training session given by one of our staff. A training session may be shortened due to the level of experience.

Users of specialized equipment are expected to use ONLY the consumables listed on our written protocols unless you receive prior approval. Protocols will be provided to you. Failure to use the appropriate consumables may result in damage to the equipment. Should this happen, your lab will be charged for repair costs.

Correct billing number

It is the responsibility of the research user to supply a current and valid account number. If an incorrect number is supplied, a $20 fee will be billed for the discovery time required for our staff to find a valid number.