2021 Mileage Log Form (PDF) Mileage record sheet for those who turn in more than one mileage expense per report time (i.e. monthly).
2020 Travel Information Sheet (PDF) Fill in all appropriate information on this sheet, obtaining PI approval. Return this form with your original, itemized receipts that reflect payment, agendas and/or flyers for the event/s attended, and any other related materials to your Travel Delegate.  UCD employees will receive an email when it is time to review and submit your Travel Report in the AggieTravel system electronically.  NonUCD employees will receive a PDF requiring signature and return of a travel summary form.
Biweekly Time Sheet (PDF) UCD Employee BIWEEKLY Time Record
Confirming Order Justification (PDF) This form must accompany any request for (non-travel) reimbursement of purchases in excess of $500. The completed form should be attached to the accompanying AggieTravel expense report.
Emergency Contact Form (PDF)

Please fill out and return to the Business Office. Do not email completed form

Entertainment Expense Form (PDF) This form must accompany entertainment expenses paid in KFS. NOTE: This form is not used for AggieTravel entertainment transactions.
Lost Receipt (PDF) Declaration of Missing Receipt for a Payment Made on Behalf of The Regents of the University of California 
Attach completed form to expense report.
Monthly Time Sheet (PDF) UCD Employee MONTHLY Time Record
Oath & Patent Policy and Acknowledgment Form (PDF) University of California State Oath of Allegiance, Patent Policy, and Patent Acknowledgment
Reimbursement Request Form (PDF) CHE Reimbursement Request 
Volunteer Information Form (PDF) Please complete the following information regarding your volunteer.  If you have any questions please call workers’ compensation (530) 752-7243.