SpectraMax Plus 96 Spectrophotometer

SpectraMax Plus Sepctrophotometer


The SpectraMax® Plus96 has a built-in cuvette port and microplate drawer. Now you can run both standard spectrophotometer and microplate reader applications on the same instrument. Read one sample or up to 96 at a time—it's your choice. Use any standard cuvette or a 96-well microplate. The SpectraMax Plus96 easily adapts to fit your sample processing requirements.

Key Features

  • Full spectral range: 190 - 1000 nm, tunable in 1 nm increments.
  • Superior performance: 2 nm bandwidth provides exceptional accuracy and linearity for the widest range of assays—just what you expect from your spectrophotometer.
  • Speed read mode: reads 96-well microplates in just 5 seconds for ultra fast sample throughput.
  • Patented PathCheck® Sensor reports the microplate data as standard 1 cm cuvette values.

Recharge Rate

$6/plate for UC Davis users, $8/platefor non-UC Davis users