Animal Care Policies

UC Davis Animal Research and Compliance

CHE follows the UC Davis Office of Research policies and regulations. Researchers using CHE Animal Care services are expected to follow these same guidelines, which can be found in the UC Davis Guide to Research Compliance for Principal Investigators and Department Administrators. This guide provides a single reference for accounting, safety and ethical guidelines that must be taken into consideration on research projects.

UC Davis is committed to achieving the premier ethical and legal standards of research conduct by fostering a culture of compliance, responsibility and conscience that reflects integrity and truth as core values in science and scholarship.

Researchers using CHE animal care services are responsible for complying with the specific UC Davis research training requirements as applies to their research in the following areas: Animal Care and Use, Biological Safety and Use, Conflict of Interest, IRB Administration, and Research Ethics. For more information, visit the UC Davis Office of Research web site.

Correct billing number

It is the responsibility of the research user to supply a current and valid account number. If an incorrect number is supplied, a $20 fee will be billed for the discovery time required for our staff to find a valid number.