Instrumentation use and training

Training by our lab staff is required for use of our instrumentation. You may not receive training from a member of another lab that uses our equipment. If a new user of the facility has previous experience or training on the same or similar models, they will still have to have a training session given by one of our staff. A training session may be shortened due to the level of experience.

Users of specialized equipment, such as microtomes, the cryostat, StepOne Plus, laser capture microscopes are expected to use ONLY the consumables listed on our written protocols unless you receive prior approval from CAMI staff. Protocols will be provided to you. Microtome blades are not interchangeable, the laser capture microscope only accepts a certain brand of microfuge tube, the StepOne Plus requires specific plates, etc. Failure to use the appropriate consumables may result in damage to the equipment. Should this happen, your lab will be charged for repair costs.

Reservation guidelines

CAMI hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Available hours may be subject to change in July and August.

All reservations must be made on the Google Calendar. Please include your email or phone number in case we need to reach you. Our instruments are often fully booked. Consideration must be given to other users. We allow a maximum reserved block of time of 3.5 hours either in the morning (before noon) or afternoon (after 1 pm) for any single session. Preferred sign ups are for 2 hour blocks of time. Do not sign up from 10 am -2 pm as this does not leave sufficient time for other users. Instead sign up 8:30 am -12:00 pm or 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm. Lab staff cannot be assumed to be available noon - 1 pm. Only proven users may operate instruments during the lunch hour. Proven users may have after-hours access to instruments with prior permission. If you have booked the use of a cryostat, microtome or microscopes, you are expected to physically be present throughout your reservation with the exception of limited, short 10-15 minute breaks. Reminder, you will be charged for all the time you have reserved, including breaks.

"No Shows" and reservation guidelines

All reservations must be made on the Google Calendar. Once a reservation has been made for an instrument, you are expected to show up within 15 minutes of the reserved time. We use the term “no show” if no one arrives. You will be billed for half of the time you have reserved. Your time can be given away if there is another user waiting. A reservation can be cancelled anytime before, or within the first 15 minutes, of the reserved time. Call, email, or change your reservation on the Google calendar to cancel. Good excuses are also accepted if you are a “no show.” This will be determined on a case by case basis.

Digital image retention

Images captured for research can be taken away by USB drive or burned to a CD. Images may remain on the hard drive of any given instrument for one month after capture. Lab staff will delete any images remaining in files after one month.

Acknowledgments and co-authorship

Any work done on lab instrumentation or with assistance by lab staff should be, at a minimum, acknowledged in published work. Sample statement: "XYZ imaging was conducting using the CAMI core facility at UC Davis Center for Health and the Environment." This is important so that we can continue to provide you with facilities and equipment. If the contribution to the publication is deemed to be 10% or more, then there is an expectation of co-authorship for the lab staff member who supplied the work. (Yes, we do get paid for the work, but so do other authors on publications.) The confocal microscope was funded by NIHS10RR-026422. The laser capture microscope was funded by NIHS10RR-023555. Please acknowledge this grant support when publishing images from these instruments. Core users are encouraged to forward your publications to For each publication forwarded, you will receive 50% off your next hour of imaging.

Correct billing number

It is the responsibility of the research user to supply a current and valid account number when a sample is submitted for processing or when a new billing expense is filled out. If an incorrect number is supplied, a $20 fee will be billed for the discovery time required for our staff to find a valid number.