Leica RM2155 and RM2255 Microtomes

Leica RM2155 and RM2255 Microtomes


The Leica RM2255 rotary microtome, designed for fully motorized sectioning of both paraffin- and resin-embedded specimens, offers a broad application spectrum in routine and research laboratories in histology as well as in industrial materials and quality control. Its two-in-one design concept, which allows motorized as well as manual sectioning, provides reproducible quality sections.

The sectioning speed can be adjusted to cut hard materials as well as paraffin-embedded specimens at high throughput without any detriment to sectioning quality. This microtome is designed for users who require a fully motorized/electronic microtome for their laboratory needs.

Key Features

  • Fully motorized rotary microtome with adjustable sectioning speed and two-speed horizontal coarse specimen movement
  • Ergonomically designed, external control panel
  • Rapid, convenient switching between sectioning and trimming settings
  • Selection of continuous movement or single step coarse feed in Sectioning mode
  • Four sectioning modes (rock, continuous, single and step)
  • “Specimen retraction on demand” function
  • Adjustable cutting window
  • Safety handwheel with two safety locking mechanisms
  • Vertical stroke length ~70 mm (whole prostates)
  • Electronic totalizer display for section thickness and number of revolutions of the handwheel

Recharge Rate

$6/hour for UC Davis users, $8/hour for non-UC Davis users