Leica LMD6000 Laser Capture Microscope


Whether for cancer research, pathology, proteomics, and genomics; gene expression profiling; or neuroscience, this laser microdissection system from Leica Microsystems can make your data location specific.

Key Features

  • High-speed microdissection
  • Diode laser for highest cutting speed, power and precision
  • Automated multi well positioning and well inspection function
  • Multi slide holder for higher productivity
  • Automated cell detection and collection software
  • Cutting over all magnifications in one step
  • Scanning Stage precision of 2 µm with repositioning
  • Auto focus
  • Laser movement by optics not by mechanics
  • Wide range of objectives and automated CCIC (1.25x – 150x)

Recharge Rate

$33/hour for UC Davis users, $43/hour for non-UC Davis users