Leica MZ FLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope


The Leica MZ FLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope offers not only a 3D image but also, compared with a classical microscope at any given magnification, a larger panoramic field of view, more intense fluorescence, and longer working distances. These advantages make it possible to manipulate, sort and process specimens. With a combination of green-fluorescent protein and the Leica MZ FLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope, living objects can now be observed spatially in large fields of view; the long working distances enable them to be manipulated.

Key Features

  • Separate beam path for the fluorescence illuminator
  • Patented filter system (FLUOIII™) for changing the filters quickly and easily
  • Wide choice of filters for various fluorescence techniques
  • Comprehensive protection of the user against UV radiation

Recharge Rate

No charge for trained and qualified users.